12 Good Educational YouTube Channels for Young Learners

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After we have reviewed kids safe search engines and kids friendly educational websites, we are sharing with you this list of interesting YouTube channels that provide educational video content for kids. They (channels) cover a heterogenous set of educational topics  using fun, entertaining, and colorful animations. 

Kids will get to learn basic math concepts, literacy skills, explore the world around them, engage in creative hands-on activities, experiment with various ideas and challenges, learn through nursery rhymes and music and many more. We invite you to check out the list, and share with us if you have other suggestions to add.

12 Excellent YouTube Channels That Provide Educational Video Content for Kids

1- Blippi
It provides fund and educational videos for kids.’Kids will learn colors, learn shapes, learn numbers, learn letters, the alphabet, abc's and so much more with Blippi's nursery rhymes, educational songs, and educational videos’

2- National Geographic Kids
‘National Geographic Kids playlists are an exciting way to discover the very best of YouTube. These playlists cover numerous topics including: animals, cool science, funny pets, and more.’

3- Math and Learning Videos 4 Kids
Based on 3D animation, kids and toddlers will get to learn different mathematical concepts (addition, subtraction, numbers, place value) through engaging videos.

4- Kids Learning Videos
Kids Learning Videos is dedicated to ‘making fun and educational videos for children and toddlers.’

5- Kids Learning Cartoons
Provides educational video content for kids in colorful animations and HD videos.

6- Genevieve's Playhouse
It provides learning videos for kids, toddlers, and babies! Educational preschool toy movies for kids of all ages…teach(es) kids colors, numbers, letters, spelling, sorting, and more!’

7- Organic Learning
Organic Learning provides ‘fun, entertaining and educational videos for children using toy cars, trucks, construction equipment, animals, dinosaurs, numbers, colors and more!!!’

8- HooplaKidz Edu
‘HooplaKidz EDU has a vast array of interactive and engaging videos that teach kids beautiful colors that they can see around them.’

9- Free School
‘FreeSchool is a safe and friendly place to expose children to famous art, classical music, children's literature, and natural science in an age-appropriate and kid-accessible way.’

10- Kids Learning Tube
‘Kids Learning Tube educates both kids and adults through music and animation in a fun and unique approach to learning.’

11- KidsTV123
‘Songs for children. Kids songs. Educational songs and videos for children, toddlers and babies.’

12- ABCkidTV
‘ABCkidTV is a nursery rhyme channel designed especially for kids under 6 that helps them to learn all about  letters, numbers, shapes, colors, animals, and so much more!’