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Wonderful Charts Featuring Bloom's Taxonomy Apps for iPad

Bloom's Taxonomy provides one of the workable solutions to scaffold students learning. It outlines the different learning skills on a thinking continuum that ascends gradually in complexity from the least complex skill that is remembering to the higher order skills such as creating and evaluating. However, now that the world is going mobile and thanks to the pervasiveness of iOS devices and apps inside our schools, teachers and educators are invited to try to apply the concepts of Bloom's Taxonomy using mobile apps. In this regard, Educational Technology and Mobile learning has this detailed list of the best iPad apps aligned with Bloom's Taxonomy. Check it out to learn more.

I am also sharing with you today two other practical resources to help you better implement Blooms taxonomy in you classroom using iOS apps.

1- Teaching with your iPad
This wiki page features a wide range of iPad apps that go along with each thinking skill of Bloom's Taxonomy. All of the apps are included in clickable charts.

2-  Bloomsapps
This is another great resource packed full of iOS apps aligned with Blooms Taxonomy. Use the categories on the left to access apps for each thinking skill.

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