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The 4 Types of Naps you should Know about

Sleep is obviously an important element for a healthy and sound body. Sleeping the recommended 8 hours at night is scientifically proved to contribute in decreasing the levels of stress and depression, boosts the mental capacities of the brain and also increases our overall productivity at work.

 However, not everyone gets to sleep these 8 hours. Because of heavy workload, professional or even family preoccupations, some of us are obliged to reduce this sleeping period to 6 or 5 hours. Of course lack of sleep does impact the good functioning of the metabolism of our minds and causes several problems least of which is a constant feeling of sluggishness and loss of interest. This is why the power of a nap is important for those who are lacking in good night sleep.

There are different types of naps and as you can see from the graphic below each nap has a certain amount of time. I came across this graphic in eHow page on Facebook and found it really interesting and I thought you might want to have a look as well. Enjoy

source: eHow

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