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A Must Have Pinterest Cheat Sheet for Teachers

Pinterest together with Twitter are my top social networking websites for this year. You can tell from the multitude of posts I devoted to them  here in Educational Technology and Mobile Learning. I mainly  use Twitter for professional development purposes and I must say that I have learned a lot from it. Of course Twitter per se is not enough you definitely need these  third party tools to  enhance and enrich your tweeting experience.

The same goes to Pinterest.This visual bookmarking service has a huge potential in education and we have posted alot about it and just yesterday we featured a guide for teachers on how to leverage Pinterest in their teaching and learning. We are also adding, in the present post, another great resource from Dr Kimberly Tyson. This is basically a Pinterest Cheat Sheet that contains probably all the information you will need to start using Pinterest for educational purposes. I highly recommend that you read and download this cheat for later reference; why not when you don't have to pay a penny for it ?

Click HERE to download Twitter Cheat Sheet

Source :Twitter Cheat Sheet by Kimberly is featured in Unlimited Learning.

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