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5 Excellent Presentation Apps for Teachers

Presentations are key elements in our teaching practice. They probably are the central component of the digital kit we work with. We have talked alot about them in our previous posts and there is a useful list of the best presentation making tools for teachers that you can check to find easy web services to use when creating a slideshow or multimedia presentation.

In today's post, we are highlighting some very useful iPad apps that can complete the work you do on your laptop and netbook. These presentation apps will allow you to take your presenting experience wherever you go.

1- Keynote

Keynote makes it easy to create, deliver, and share stunning presentations on your iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch. No matter which device you’re on, iCloud keeps your work up to date across them all — automatically....."

2- Power Presenter

This application is for Presentation. If you save the PowerPoint as PDF file, this app will help you do the presentation on projector. If you can upload your file to a web site, it also can present that website for you. It automatically detects the projector and send the signal to the projector when connecting with the VGA ..."

3- Corkulous

Corkulous™ idea board is the incredible new way to collect, organize, and share your ideas. Access your ideas anywhere on your iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch with built-in iCloud support. Share your ideas with your friends and family by storing your cork boards in Dropbox...'

4- Sadun's Whiteboard

" Transform your iPad into a presentation screen with Whiteboard. Whiteboard lets you connect to a TV or projection system using an Apple VGA or composite/component video-out cable and draw directly to an external screen using standard whiteboard markers and erasers..."

With its four drawing surfaces that it offers to its users, you can very easily capture your ideas into customizable boards using colors and figures.


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