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4 Tools to Find Who to Follow on Twitter

Twitter is definitely a great conversational tool but until you start following others,it is just a blank boring page. Educational Technology and Mobile Learning has shared several tips on how to find other like-minded tweeters and how to build your own community. Of course we are talking here about an educational community of teachers and educators. We also featured numerous tools for teachers to use on Twitter.

When we talk about Twitter in education, we basically talk about your professional development. I personally view Twitter as one of the best social platforms to help you grow professionally and this is why I always make sure to remind my fellow teachers about this huge importance of Twitter in this area and if you are new to this blog and still grappling with the idea of using Twitter for PD then I would recommend to have a look at : Great Twitter Tools for your Professional Development, and 10 Ways Teachers Can Use Twitter for Professional Development.

In today's post we are providing you with some tools that you can use to find people to follow on Twitter. You can use this list of top 14 Educational Technology Tweeters to start with.

1- Who to Follow

This is a built-in Twitter search engine that allows users to easily find people using either their usernames or their their real names.

2- Tweepz

This is a more sophisticated third party web service which lets you find people on Twitter using their names, bio information or even location

3- Just Tweet It

This is a Twitter Directory where you can find other Twitter users of similar interest. Browse through the categories provided there and see if you can find anything  interesting.

4- WeFollow

This is another Twitter directory that organizes people using hashtags. It also allows new users to add themselves.

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