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Free Resources to Teach about Bullying

Bullying has long been a practice much disdained by parents and now penalized by the force of law. Literally speaking bullying means to purposefullly hurt somebody either by words or actions. Bullying can be caused by individuals as well as by groups. Schools are  the old  haven of this kind of behaviour. There are several efforts to stop bullying in our schools and protect our kids but we still need to do much more.

As an educator and a concerned citizen, I would like to share with you some websites where parents and teachers can learn  how to stop bullying. All thanks go back to Makeuseof for their hard work to come up with the websites.

Stop Bullying

Stop Bulling is a website that provides information from various government agencies to anwser questions about what is bullying, what cyberbullying is and many more. There are many documents, images, and text that are in public domain in Stop Bullying. You can use and share these resources with students parents and colleagues.

Bullying UK

This one here provides detailed advice om a range of problems including Cyberbullying and outside school. It features a section called guidance for schools where teachers and education professionals can get advice and tips on how to deal with bullying.

Kids against Bullying

This is a great website where students can learn many things about bullying. It has coloring games, word games, videos by and for kids. There is also a special section where celebrities speak about bullying.

Anti Bullying Network

The Anti Bullying Network is as its name suggests, a website devoted to fighting bullying. It includes links to several other resources that you will definately find educative on this topic. It also features websites for young people in its homepage with links some great websites where students can learn how to protect themselves from bullying.

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