MobyMax- A Great K-8 Learning Website for Math, Science, Social Studies, and Literacy

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MobyMax is a learning platform that provides educational resources for students in Kindergarten through grade 8. These resources cover different school subjects including literacy, math, science, social studies, and language arts. Teachers can create their own classes in MobyMax, register their students, and start sharing learning materials with them.


MobyMax offers teachers a number of EdTech tools to drive students engagement and optimize their learning. For instance, teachers can use the site's rewarding system to motivate students to learn (e.g., through earned badges, certificates, and gaming time). Teachers can assign readymade lessons or create their own custom assignments to share with students. They can track students performance and monitor their learning progress. MobyMax 's communication tools allow teachers to keep in touch with parents and enhance classroom community. 

MobyMax resources

MobyMax provides a wide variety of educational materials to facilitate the teaching and learning of various subjects including:
  • Math: Includes a comprehensive math curriculum for grades K-8 for all state standards, fluency practice, and numbers.
  • Language Arts: Includes a comprehensive language curriculum for grades K-8 for all state standards, vocabulary review, and spelling lists
  • Early Reading: Covers alphabet letters, alphabet sounds, early reading trio, fry sight words, and Dolch sight words.
  • Reading: Includes foundational reading, paired reading stories, reading skills literature, and reading skills informational.
  • Phonics: Includes resources covering phonics and spelling rules, phonics blending, and phonics spelling.
  • Writing: Includes a writing workshop and writing assignments.
  • Social Studies: Includes interactive lessons with built-in testing and vocabulary.

How to register students?

To register students to Mobymax, you need to log in to your teacher account and click on Roster button on the left sidebar. Next, click on Register Students button and type each student's name or copy and paste from a spreadsheet. You can add as many students as you want. When done click 'Finish'.

When students first log in to MobyMax they will see the supported subjects. Students can start with an adaptive placement test to determine their level. MobyMax automatically assign lessons to students based on their placement test. As a teacher, you have full control over assigned materials. You can delete assigned lessons, re-assign new ones or create your custom assessments.

MobyMax printable Worksheets

MobyMax curriculum is available in worksheet form that can be accessed without the need for Internet connection. To find worksheets, you can search Moby curriculum by subject, grade, keyword or standard. There are printable worksheets for math, language, paired reading stories, reading skills literature, reading skills informational, writing workshop, science, and social studies.

Class reports

When students start taking lessons and working on exercises, you will have access to live results. Simply click on a students name to access insights related to their progress, history of their activity, proficiency level, and more. Based on these analytic reports you can identify skill gaps and areas that need more practice. 

MobyMax provides you with key statistics on things such as  overall usage for your class, overall active students versus inactive students,  skills completed in each module, and many more. 

Teachers can also use Classroom Dashboard tab on the left hand sidebar to access data for all subjects including students' average time spent in Moby, completed standards, lessons, problems, and more. Teachers can easily print this data in a single class report to share with others.

Teachers can also use Student Dashboard tab from the left hand sidebar to view students data across different subjects. For instance, they can view a snapshot of all students activity in Moby during a given period of time and access data for each student organized by subject. Teachers can print reports for the whole class or for selected students.  

Watch the video below to see MobyMax in action

Classroom tools

MobyMax provides teachers with a collection of useful tools to help them with their instruction. These tools are organized into three main categories:

A- Engagement tools:

  •   Badges: MobyMax has over 500 different types of badges used to reward students hard work. Students earn a new badge when they answer correctly 50 problems.
  •  Contests: This is another cool feature to drive students engagement. You can create as many contests for your students as you want.You can even create 'All-School contests which are competitions between all the Moby students in a school or between all the Moby classrooms in a school.'
  •  Behaviour Vibes: Teachers can use Behaviour Vibes to provide personalized feedback to reward good behaviour or to contain disruptive behaviour. Moby has a number of default vibes to start with but you can create your custom vibes or edit the default ones to reflect the values of your teaching philosophy. 
  •  Games: The games feature enables students to earn game time as a reward for correct answers in lesson topics that are passed. The default game time ratio is one minute earned for every five minutes worked on lesson topics that are passed. Teachers can change this setting at any time.
  •  Certificates: Students earn certificates when they achieve specific learning milestones, for instance when they successfully pass five lessons in subject modules. MobyMax offers a certificate builder that students can use to design their own certificates.
  •  Teacher Rewards: Teacher Rewards 'gives you the power to dole out exciting bonuses that keep students motivated. Choose game minutes, games, badges, Moby Friend minutes, sweepstakes tickets, or educational videos called maxoids'. 

B- Assign Lessons

MobyMax's curriculum library contains tons of ready-made lessons that you can easily assign to students. You can search for lessons by subject or grade level. You can place lessons directly in students Assignments tab for them to access and work on anytime. 

C- classroom Tools

Classroom tools include the following:
  • Failed Lessons: This is where you can view skills students failed and where you can review incorrect answers.
  • Notifications: Includes notifications for failed skills, certificates, completed lessons, badges, and more
  • Messenger: Allows you to communicate with students and parents through email and text messaging.
  • Announcements and Tasks: Lets you share things such as class announcements, homework assignments, events, student polls, and more. Students can add their comments and download class materials, 
  • Assign Lessons: Lets you manually assign lessons with due dates for any subject.

How much does MobyMax cost?

MobyMax offers different pricing options: there is the School & District Sitewide License for all students for a full year (costs $3495) and there are student licenses as low as $4.99 per student license for a full year.