Type Studio- An Online Webcam and Screen Recorder Tool for Teachers and Educators

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Few days ago I reviewed WeVideo and discussed how it can be used to create instructional videos by recording both your screen and webcam. Today, I am sharing a new online webcam and a screen recorder tool on Product Hunt. Type Studio combines recording and editing services in a single platform. You can use it to create step-by-step tutorials and instructional video content by capturing both your webcam and your screen. The process is simple and easy and it is all web-based, no need for any software download.

Type Studio has a powerful editor where you can customize and edit your videos the way you like. You can add different styles, images, fonts and many more. You can also add auto subtitles to your videos, add text overlays, activate the auto translation functionality to automatically translate your videos into different languages. 

Other interesting feature I like about Type Video is the Video to Article which allows you to easily insert your video together with its transcription into your blog, website, and even in your emails. Watch this video to learn more about how the Video to Article feature works.

Watch this video to learn more about Type Studio