WeVideo- A Screen and Webcam Recorder, A Meme Maker, and An Online Video Editor

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WeVideo is an online platform that offers a suite of powerful video tools that include a screen and webcam recorder, a meme maker, and an online video editor.  The way WeVideo works is simple: you can choose a video template to start with or create one from scratch, upload or record your video, drag and drop it to the editor timeline, edit it the way you want (e.g., trim and merge clips, add music and text, apply effects and transitions, add green screen effect, etc), and once done download and save your video or share it directly online. Whether teaching remotely or in-person, WeVideo can help transform your instructional experience, boost collaboration, and create meaningful and engaging learning experiences. 

WeVideo screen recorder

WeVideo's screen recorder allows you to record both your screen and your webcam, simultaneously. You have the option to record your entire screen or select individual windows.  Once your recording is finished, you can then use  WeVideo's built-in editor to edit your screencast. You can add transitions, effects, and edit your recording the way you want and with one click you can easily share your videos with students and across different learning management systems. 

WeVideo green screen

The Green screen feature in WeVideo allows you to easily create various visual backgrounds for your video. WeVideo stock library offers a large collection of green screen footage you can use in your videos. You can search for a green screen template and with a single click add it to your video. Use the color picker tool to fine-tune the color settings. 

Online video editor

WeVideo embeds a powerful online video editor that offers all the features you need to design awesome videos without the need to install any software.  You can either start from scratch or use one of WeVideo's pre-made video templates. Browse through the collections, select the one you like then swap in your own elements. Drag and drop your creation to the editor and start customizing your video the way you want. 

You can trim your clips or divide a long clip into several shorter ones, choose audio from WeVideo's stock media library, add animated text and subtitles, merge clips together, flip your clips to mirror or reverse the image, crop and resize your clips and many more. Once your video is completed you can save it or share it directly to social media sites such as YouTube and Facebook.

WeVideo meme maker

Meme maker is another interesting tool provided by WeVideo. It allows you to create beautiful and fun video memes, no prior experience is required. The process is simple: start with a pre-made meme template and customize it to your liking. You can add your own media or select from WeVideo's stock images and video clips. You can insert custom texts and various effects and once your video meme is finished you can download and save it or share it directly to social media sites like YouTube and Facebook.

WeVideo meme maker

How to use WeVideo in your teaching?

WeVideo can be used to create various types of educational video materials including instructional videos, explainer videos, tutorials, webinars, training videos, and many more. For instance, you can create instructional videos where you "record yourself giving voiceover instructions while video of you completing a project is playing". Additionally, you can "screencast and share instructional and morning announcement videos with ease. With these videos you can empower students to create videos from the comfort of their own homes".

Another way to use WeVideo is by creating  presentations to use virtually with your students or in webinars and online conferences. "Record your presentation whether it be a powerpoint deck or going through a workflow on your computer screen. You can even record yourself through your webcam while you speak for a picture-in-picture experience".

WeVideo has a special section for education called WeVideo for Schools where you can access resources to help you make the best of WeVideo in your instruction. 

Watch the video below to learn more about WeVideo.