Quizlet Learn- Create Your Own Flashcards

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Quizlet Learn is a handy web tool and mobile app to help boost students learning. It allows students to easily create flashcards or use pre-made ones to study more effectively. Quizlet Learn also offers a wide variety of educational features including the ability to learn about different school subjects (e.g., math, science, history, coding); it provides the correct pronunciation of over 18 languages, helps in preparing for upcoming tests, and many more

‘Quizlet Learn is powered by the Learning Assistant Platform, which uses machine learning to process data from millions of anonymous study sessions, and then combines that data with proven techniques from cognitive science. By understanding how people really learn, this powerful platform drives studying that's more effective and more efficient, by only showing students material they need to learn — and making it fun at the same time.’ Quizlet Learn is available for download from both iOS and Android app Stores. Watch the video below to learn more about Quilt.