Boddle- An Engaging 3D Math Game for Students

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Boddle is an adaptive learning platform that offers access to a wide variety of interactive math games designed specifically for kids. Besides self-paced practice activities that target grades K-6 mathematics, Boddle also comes with "a high quality math curriculum filled with math skills that are standards-aligned'. 

As a teacher, Boddle offers you the possibility to host your own class online. You can create a classroom and invite your students to join. As students play the game, you will get access to real-time reports about their performance and tools to track their progress.

Content on Boddle is standards-aligned designed to help kids improve their mathematical skills and enhance their confidence. Boddle can be used in a variety of educational activities in class including as an exit ticket, a formative assessment tool, or as a supplement to your lessons. Boddle comes in two version the basic version is free and offers limited features, the pro one comes with way more services. Watch the video below to learn more about this platform.