3 Must Have Chromebook Apps for Taking Notes

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April 11, 2016
A huge part of requests we receive from our readers relate to Chromebook apps to use in instruction. We do have a section here in EdTech and mLearning devoted entirely to everything related to Chromebook in education. Chromebook Help is also another great resource where you can access a number of tips, apps, and guides on how to make the best of Chromebook in teaching. It also offers some excellent charts featuring a number of powerful apps to use for a variety of educational tasks. In today’s post, we are particularly highlighting some very good apps to use on Chromebooks for taking notes and recording ideas. Check them out below

1- Google Keep

Google Keep is a great note taking app to use on your Chromebook. It provides a number of key features that allow you to easily capture your thoughts, add notes and create photo notes. You can also speak your note and have it instantly transcribed for you. Use things such as labels, tags and color codes to organize your notes and easily find them later. Everything you create on Google Keep syncs automatically across all your devices. To learn more about Google Keep, check out this step by step guide we shared last year.

2- Evernote

The popular Evernote is also another great application to use on your Chromebook to enhance your digital productivity. It allows you to instantly record notes in various formats text, handwritten notes, and photos. You can also use it to create checklists, to-do lists and notebooks with offline accessibility. Using Evernote’s built-in organizational features enable you to organize your notes with tags and colors so you can find them easily. Alternatively, you can use Evernote’s search functionality to locate text in notes, photos and PDFs.

3-  Wunderlist

Wunderlist is a collaborative app that allows you to record your notes and create to-do lists to share with others. Wunderlist has recently added some interesting updates including a new intuitive design, realtime syncing, curate your favourite things to do, and enable comments to interact with your colleagues. You can also use Wunderlist to create reminders and keep track of your important deadlines. Your lists can embed various multimedia materials such as photos, videos, and PDFs. ‘Wunderlist is free to download and use. Wunderlist Pro upgrades your experience and gives you unlimited access to comments, files and assignments to help you accomplish even more through an auto-renewal subscription.’