9 Great iPad Accessories for Music Teachers

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July 7, 2015
We recently received a few requests from music teachers asking for some suggestions on music accessories to use with their iPads. Here are some of our recommendations based on what some geeky music teachers are actually using in  their classrooms. If you are looking for some good educational apps to use in your music lessons, check out this page. Apple music store also features a wide range of options to choose from. Enjoy

1- IK Multimedia AmpliTube iRig guitar interface adaptor for iOS devices

‘The new iRig interface adapter is the easiest way to get your instrument’s signal into iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad. Simply plug iRig into your mobile device, plug your instrument into the iRig, plug headphones or amplifier to the output and you are ready to rock! The iRig is the ideal companion not only to the mobile AmpliTube app, but also works with any other recording, processing or tuning app, including the new Garage band for iPad 2.’

2- IK Multimedia IP-IRIG-FIELD-IN iRig Field Stereo Microphone for iPhone and iPad

‘Capture high-quality recordings with iRig MIC Field, a stereo microphone that connects digitally through the Lightning port of an iPhone, iPod touch or iPad, giving you results far superior to the built-in mono mic on the device. Designed for audio and video applications, iRig MIC Field features two high-quality capsules, in an XY stereo and a 24-bit A/D converter to ensure the best possible quality.’

3- Apogee JAM 96k Professional Quality Guitar input for iPad, iPhone and Mac

‘JAM 96k delivers your next great performance to your iPhone, iPad or Mac whether you are on-the-go, or in the most advanced recording studio. Made for Garage Band & Logic, works with any app JAM 96k is built for Garage Band and Logic Pro. Its special circuitry is optimized to make the amps and effects in any guitar or music creation app sound their best.’

4- Ultimate Support HYP100B 5-In-1 Professional iPad Stand with Included Mic Stand Pole Clamp, Table Clamp, and Gooseneck Extension

‘Whether you’re using your iPad at home, at work, while singing at the coffee shop, out gigging with your guitar or keyboard, or laying down beats at the club, Hyper Pad has you and your iPad covered. Landscape and Portrait View Stand Whether you’re listening to music, watching a movie, checking email, or investigating today’s weather, Hyper Pad is the iPad stand you’ve been waiting for.’

5- Novation Launchpad S 64-Button Ableton Controller

‘Novation's Launchpad S is a powerful 64-button music controller that lets you make music or mix tracks using an intuitive grid of multi-color buttons. It comes with Ableton Live Lite, used by some of the world's top DJs and producers, and it supports other grid-based music applications such as FL Studio.’

6- IK Multimedia iRig KEYS
‘When you need powerful yet portable keyboard control, the IK Multimedia iRig Keys 37-key USB/MIDI controller is ready to perform. Its got all the goods to play your apps and virtual instruments expressively, like velocity-sensitive keys, pitch bend and mod wheels, and an input for an optional expression pedal or sustain pedal.’

7- IK Multimedia iKlip 2 iPad Music Stand Adaptor

‘the new iKlip 2 provides a safe and sturdy method for attaching all type of iPads (from iPad 2nd generation and later) to a microphone stand. It features a new ball-joint design that can be adjusted vertically and horizontally to find just the right viewing angle, and can be quickly rotated between portrait and landscape mode, without using a tool.’

8- Blue Microphones Mikey Digital Lightning Recording Microphone for Apple iPhone 5, 5S, 5C, iPod Touch (5th Gen), iPad (4th Gen) and iPad Mini

‘Mikey Digital is an ultra-compact stereo condenser microphone that turns your iPhone or iPad into the sleekest mobile recording device around. Capture pristine recordings of live music, audio for video, interviews, guitar and vocals—and whatever else you can imagine—whenever and wherever inspiration strikes.’

9- IK Multimedia iRing (white) wearable motion control rings

‘iRingTM is the first wearable, touch-less, low-cost music controller that lets you make great music simply by waving your hands in front of your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. Just slip on one or both of the two included cool-looking, comfortable dual-pattern reversible rings, and you're ready to go.iRing uses advanced image-recognition technology, letting the camera of your mobile device detect three-dimensional gestures as you move your hands around.’

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