A Helpful Chart for Creating and Implementing BYOD Policy in Your School

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As the concept of BYOD  gains more and more in popularity, several school districts are embracing it as an integrative technology framework to solve  issues related to technology access and availability in schools. I have already created a page here in Educational Technology and Mobile Learning packed full of resources and materials to help you better understand the philosophy underlying  BYOD concept. However, today, I am sharing with you this wonderful chart created by Laurens Derks and featured in BYODSandpit.

The chart outlines the different stages of DYOD implementation in school. it starts with research which is the initial phase in which teams are made up comprising school teachers and staff interested in BOYD.  These teams first set the stage by conducting a wide research into what BYOD is all about and how other schools use it. In the consultation stage, a survey is developed  on attitudes, types and quantity of devices available and is submitted to key stakeholders ( staff, students, teachers, parents, caregivers)  after which a meeting is held with these key players. And then in the last stage , policy development, a BYOD interest group is formed and a final version of BYOD  policy is created and communicated to the school community.

Have a look at the chart below for more details on how to put to action a personalized BYOD policy for your school.
Check out the full graphic HERE.