5 Handy Web Shortening Tools to Use with Your Students

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There are actually a wide range of URL shortening tools out that you can use with your students. I have handpicked for you the 5 most popular among them all. Check them out below

1- Google URL Shortener

This is my favourite of them all. Google URL shortener allows you to shorten your URLs and share them with others. It also enables you to keep track of how many people have clicked on your link. This is a wonderful tool to use with your students.

2- Bitly 

Bitly is another excellent tool to use for shortening URLs. To use Bitly you need to open an account with them. Registration is free. Bitly is also integrated into Twitter and several other popular social media platforms. You can also use its browser extension or mobile app to shorten, access, and share URLs anywhere you are with an internet connection.

3- Tiny URL

TinyURL lets you easily shorten URLs and share them with others. You don't even need to be registered to use this service. TinyURL also has a bookmarklet that you can drag to your browser toolbar and use anytime you want to shorten a URL.

4- Is,gd

Is,gd is another pretty basic URL shortening service that you can use without any registration. Just type in your URL and a shortened form will be provided for you. You can also generate a QR code from your URLs.

5- Snip URL

Besides being able to shorten long URLs, Snip URL allows you to manage and track your snips once you are a registered member.