13 Great Halloween Apps for iPad

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The content of this post was last updated on October, 2021.

Yes, it is about this time of year when the spooky fun begins. The Halloween season is finally here and kids are excited. How about we make out it this wonderful event a learning experience for our kids and students. Well, I mean learning in fun and spooktacular way. 

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning has this handy collection of Halloween apps to use with your kids or young learners to engage them in fun educational Halloween-inspired activities. The apps feature interactive games, eerie stories, spooky animations, creepy sounds, gaurish images, and many more. 

For books on Halloween, you may want to check my top 10 Halloween books for kids.

1- Plants vs Zombies (Age 9+)
Plants vs Zombies
"Play the award-winning hit action-strategy adventure where you meet, greet, and defeat legions of hilarious zombies from the dawn of time, to the end of days. Amass an army of amazing plants, supercharge them with Plant Food, and devise the ultimate plan to protect your brain."

"Design countless funny monsters and bring them to life. This is a great app to spark storytelling to help kids confront their fears. Turn shadows on the wall into wild and wooly creatures. Give them googly eyes, tiny arms, too many horns, spotted tails, or sparkly fur — any assortment of fantastical features that you like. Bring your monsters to life! Make them happy or sad, nervous or bad, lovely or mad. Feed them radioactive snacks and make them sing and dance. Take a monster selfie and decorate with stickers."

3- Sago Mini Monsters (Age 4 +)
Sago Mini Monsters
"Create your own colorful monster! Make your monster happy with paint, food, and decorations. When you’re finished, snap a photo to share with mom and dad. Make as many monsters as you like. Each monster is unique. Sago Mini Monsters is a carefully-crafted activity which fosters feelings of pride, ownership, and nurturing. Part of the award-winning suite of Sago Mini apps, this app is sure to get your little one laughing."

4- Toca Mystery House 4 (Ages 6-8)
Toca Mystery House 4
"There’s a strange house on a strange street in a strange part of town. Most people are scared of it, but I want to sneak inside. There are so many rumors, I don’t know what to believe Some kids say the top floor glows at night and that crazy aliens live up there. Some say that strange experiments are going on in the living room. One kid I know absolutely swears they heard weird music coming from the basement. Can a house sing? I’ve also talked to kids who say the entire kitchen is covered in slime. Even my best friend, who never believes anything, told me the house is alive!"

5- First Words Halloween (Age 4 +)
First Words Halloween
"The popular educational app for toddlers is now available with a Halloween theme! First Words Halloween has 54 playfully illustrated words, each matched with not too spooky sound effects. First Words apps are toddler-tested and approved, designed for the littlest of fingers. More than just a game, First Words is a sophisticated learning tool that engages your child, encourages exploration and helps them understand the relationships between letters and words. A variety of options allow you to customize the difficulty level to match the abilities of your younger or older kids. Kids can play First Words by themselves, but they also love bringing their parents along, saying the names of the letters and enjoying the spooktacular fun!"

Pumpkin 3D LITE
"Pumpkin 3D is a pleasing holiday diversion, which allows you to carve a pumpkin and decorate a scene with fun items. When you’re finished with your spooky creation, take a snapshot and share with your friends and family. There are a variety of eyes, mouths, noses, and lids to choose from. Feel free to mix and match each feature making your pumpkin as goofy or scary as you like. When you’re done carving, top off your pumpkin with props like hats or glasses. Lastly, make the scene picture perfect by adding various Halloween themed objects around the scene."

Halloween Creations
"The easy-to-use interface lets you draw, carve and view your diabolical creations. Simply draw on the pumpkin to create some supernatural designs, and zoom in if you need a closer look! Select different carving sizes to really make the design stand out. You could even practice your designs using the Spooky Pumpkin Maker and use it to make a real-life spooky Halloween Jack-O-Lantern!"

"Trick your friends and give yourself a treat this Halloween! Record yourself saying anything then morph your voice into an eerie alien, wicked witch, grim reaper, scary monster, spacey robot, or spooky ghost. Sure to provide hours of fun and endless practical joke possibilities. Save your recordings to listen to and laugh at later or share the laughs and email them to your friends."

Halloween World - City Builder
"Decorate your city with lots of Amazing Halloween Characters including Witches, Vampires, Pumpkins, Monster Plants, Werewolves, Mummies, Zombies etc. Check out the Spooky Houses and Ghost lairs. It's a fun way to celebrate the Halloween. Try different cross-breeds of the characters and be amazed to see the results. Collect coins to level up and unlock more items. Take pictures of your city and share it with your friends. Download one of the most favorite halloween based games out there now!"

The Very Hungry Pumpkin+

"Enjoy every sweet tooth's favorite holiday any time of the year! Ghoulishly fun game for kids of all ages. Touch the screen to guide the Pumpkin to the candy, while avoiding the other trick-or-treaters.

Sounds easy enough, how hard could that be?
  • Universal iPad - iPhone - iPod Touch!
  • Casual game, uncommonly fun
  • Touch screen controls
  • Starts out easy enough for the youngest players
  • Escalates to challenge the most hard core gamer
  • Beautiful pre-rendered 3D animations
  • Hilarious sound effects
  • Frenetic music adds to the excitement".