The Complete Guide to The Use of Skype in Education

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Successful stories of teachers who have tried Skype in their classes

1- Working on a history project using Skype
This is a story of 7th  grade students who have used Skype as a part of their history project that resulted in their collaboration with the curator of the National Museum in Canada.

2- Using Skype to help a classmate join classroom from home
Read this post to learn how a 4th grade class used Skype to help a classmate with leukemia become a part of the classroom from her home.

3- Connecting two classes using Skype
learn how this teacher brought two classes, who had been tweeting all semester, to finally get together and meet face-to-face via Skype.

4- Using Skype in classroom language
Find out how this teacher used Skype to help her students learn a foreign language from native speakers of that language.

Skype video tutorials

1- How to create a Skype account

2- Around the world with Skype

3- How to use Skype for Audio conversations

4- Skype in the classroom

5- How to screen share on Skype

5- How to make a video call using Skype
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