6 Awesome Free Reading Apps for iPad

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1- Hide Run Growl

reading ios apps
This is a great story of friendship which mixes creative animation and audio to captivate kids imagination. " it is lightly animated with a nice educational and interactive feature that shows the name of everything pictured on each page with accompanying voice -over".

2- Pango Book1 and 2

This free iOS app provides a wide variety of funny adventures, animated stories,brightly coloured drawings and sweet characters. It is very easy to use and has a student friendly interface.

3- Play Tales

reading ios apps

This free app offers interactive books, traditional and classic, popular and new, for toddlers and beginning readers that will engage them in books and stories once again.

4- iHowToBook

reading ios apps

This is a cool iOS app that provides a nice library of procedural test, and reads in a very clear and soft female voice. Pages can be read, or read one word at a time.

5- I Like Books
reading ios apps
This app provides 37 read-aloud stories for young children also ready by a soft female voice.

6- MeeGenius
reading ios apps

This free app includes hundreds of books that are read aloud. Some of the downloas are given for free but others are pro.