KidsTube : free educative video resources for your students .

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KidsTube is another great educative video resource for educators . It features more than 22,346,148 approved and filtered vides all of which are kids safe and meant just for kids . KidsTube includes a directory of thousands of images and not only that it also allows you to upload your own videos and create groups or join others’ groups and engage in educative discussions in such an awesome community of people .

Some features of KidsTube

Here are some of the features that might draw your interest if you want to try this website :
  • It is completely free and simple to use
  • It has a very student-friendly interface
  • You can browse through videos without being registered
  • You can upload your own videos to share with other but you need to open your free account there to do so
  • videos are organized through searchable categories
  • you can create your own group and invite people to join you
  • upload thousands of images and share them with the world
  • create your own blog and start posting right from KidsTube
  • search for KidsTube users using a sophisticated search bar