Jottit : a new collaborative space for your students

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Jottit  allows its users to create pages and posts just as if they are creating their own posts . These pages can be edited and shared with other people .I think you need to give this website a shot to see how marvellous it is .

Some features of Jottit

Jottit is a very handy and “ smart” web2.0 application that is :
  • Completely free
  • does not require any sign up
  • It allows you to create a web page in a matter of seconds
  • it has a sophisticated set of authoring tools
  • It allows you to customize the look of your page the way you want
  • It also lets you add videos and other multimedia tools to  your page
  • You can create as many pages as you want
  • You can finally share your page with the rest of the world .