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A Great Student Rubric for Reviewing Apps

April 23, 2014
To help her students understand and be able to analyze the apps they come across online, Mutt Susan from Digital Divide and Conquer has created this wonderful rubric. The Student App Review Rubric,  features five sections ( or criteria) that students can grade when assessing an app. Each of these criteria can be graded with a numerical number from 0 to 4 with 4 as the top grade.

The five criteria included in this rubric are :

  • Looks and sound
  • Engagement and motivation
  • User friendly directions and instructions
  • Performance and ease of use
  • Differentiation in learning.

In this way a great app is one that gets a score ranging between 20-17, a good one between 16-13, an average 12-10, Needs work 9-6, and a bad app get a score of 5-0.

The rubric is available for free as a Google document that you can print and use with your kids. It is also available for free download from Mutt's Teachers Pay Teachers store.

Great App Review Checklists for Teachers

The more apps I review here in Educational Technology and Mobile Learning the better I become at recognizing and selecting the right educational apps to share with you. I have probably reviewed a little over 200 apps in the last couple of years but when I first started reviewing apps there were not many guidelines and checklists as is the case now. With the help of carefully crafted rubrics like the ones below, teachers can now follow a set of guidelines to select the apps that can work for them in their teaching. Parents too can use these checklists to sift through the piles and handpick the ones to give their kids.

It is of paramount importance that you keep apps evaluative rubrics at your disposal to turn to whenever you want to recommend an app for your students . Today, I am sharing with you some new resources I came across through Speech Gagdet and Learning in Hand. These are basically rubrics teachers and parents can use to apps that are of educational value. Check them out below and share with us what you think of them. Enjoy

1- App Review Checklist and Rating Chart
Click Here to download it

2- Educational App Evaluation Checklist
Click Here to download it

3- Critical Evaluation of an Content-based iPad App
Click Here to download it

4- Mobile Application Selection Rubric
Click Here to download it

5- iEvaluate Apps for Speech Needs
Click Here to download it

6- iPad Evaluation Guiding Questions
Click Here to download it

4 Great Rubrics to Help you Select Educational Apps

As iPads are increasingly infiltrating our educational systems the question of the pedagogical implications ensuing from the use of these mobile gadgets in the classroom come to the surface. Some do look at them as an added distraction and that  learning can be more focused without students having access to them during the class. Traditionalists do advocate this view and are  , in fact,  against the " over-digitization " of education. To these people I say what John Dewy once said " If we teach today as we thought yesterday, we rob our children of tomorrow ".

I am strongly in favor of the use of mobile gadgetry for educational purposes. I am talking here specifically about iPad. I have done a lot of readings  in this field and have published dozens of articles on the importance of iPad in education and how teachers can use it to improve students learning and elicit more engagement.One thing I should underscore about the use of iPad in the classroom is the importance of knowing how to select educational apps to meet your students learning needs.I provided some great evaluation rubrics in previous posts and today I am adding 4 more rubrics. Check them out below and share with us what you think of them. Enjoy

1- BVLS iPad App Evaluation Form
Click Here to download it.

2- iPad App Evaluation Guiding Question
Click Here to download it.

3- Mobile Application Selection Rubric
Click Here to download it.

4- Critical Evaluation of Content-based iPad/iPod App
Click Here to download it.

A Must Have App Evaluation Rubric for Teachers

The choice of which apps to use with your students in the classroom is not an easy one. It ,in fact , calls for a lot of attention from the part of the teacher. You are responsible for your students learning and this responsibility grows riskier when learning becomes digitally based.This is particularly the case when integrating apps into your teaching. It is true that one simple Google search will generate tons of apps for you to choose from , but does it stop just here ? How about after you find  the apps, do you know how to evaluate their pedagogic implications ? Are they educationally valid ? Do  they target skills you want your students to work on ? Are they flexible enough to let students learn in different settings ?  Are they student friendly ?

These and many other questions are things you need to consider whenever you are selecting apps to use in your classroom. Educational Technology and Mobile Learning has already posted an earlier guide containing some evaluation checklists to consult whenever you want to use an app in your class. We are adding another great checklist from Kathy Shrok . Check it out it is really great.

Click here to download and print it. Here is a snapshot of this checklist

Educational Apps Checklists Every Teacher Should Have

The ' checklist mentality ' is something very common among teachers and educators. We use checklists alot in our work and I personally find them very effective in getting things organized. I use them not only with my students but in my day to day life as well.  I have a checklist  for my MEd courses in university, another one for blog posts to write about for the next day and so on.

Today, I am introducing you to another kind of checklist that you might not  be used to before. This one here helps you select the right educational apps to use with your students. Avatar Generation has featured a set of such awesome checklists created by Tony Vincent to help teachers make sound educational choices when selecting apps to use with students in the classroom.
Check out those rubrics and get possibly get them printed off .

Click on any title to access the checklist. Enjoy

1- Educational App Evaluation Rubric

2- Educational App Evaluation Checklist

3- Critical Evaluation of Content-based iPad App

4- A Free Comprehensive Guide to iPad Apps Evaluation

A Free Comprehensive Guide to iPad Apps Evaluation

iPad is probably one of the most used tablets by educators. Based on your wide interaction with the previous post entitled " 8 Free Resources on The Use of iPad in Education " together with some emails I got from some of   you I learned that you are looking for more resources particularly apps to use on the iPad . Well Silvia Tolisano has some good news for you. She has made a great guide on evaluating iPad apps.


In this guide Silvia suggested several ways for you to select an app and has also provided a checklist that is also equally useful. I recommend that you read the guide for it will be of great help to you inr iPad apps search. To download this guide click HERE and if you want to learn more about this guide you can click HERE

iPad App Evaluation for the Classroom