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Excellent iPad Apps for Arts Teachers

April , 2014
An art student can do a lot with a physical canvas. Imagine what that student could do with a digital canvas. Here are a set of tools for students of art, though any teacher striving to be creative may find these useful.

Need a little inspiration? Like writing prompts, these art prompts can give the creative engine a kick start.


 A professionally-designed yet simple drawing app for kids. Allows artwork to be shared within a parent-approved network.


Digital art doesn't only have to be visual. It can include audio as well, something this simple music maker can offer.

MoMA Art Lab 

From the Museum of Modern Art, this free app includes hands-on activities like making collages, drawings, paintings, etc.
 Studying a Van Gogh painting? Packed full of information and history, all art history apps should be this interactive.

For more tools, check out these collections:

Creativity & Design Tools

A collection of web-based tools & apps for creativity and design. Curated by Dr. Annette Kratcoski.

High School Art Apps

A collection of apps that can be used by high school students. Curated by art educator Kelly Little.

20 Great Pinterest Boards for Art Teachers

February 25, 2014
Last year I facilitated a workshop on "Artful Thinking: Teaching Literacy through The Arts" and shared several resources with teachers. However, today I revisited these resources and picked out for you these 20 Pinterest boards packed full of materials, lesson plans, printables, and several other materials for art teachers. I invite you to check them out and share with your colleagues.

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1- Art Teacher

2- Art Bulletin Board

3- My Future Classroom

4- Art Projects

5- Art Ideas for Kids

6- Teacher Fever

7- Arts Integration

8- Kids Art Eplorer

9- Art Inspired

10- Children 's Art

11- Kid Blogger Network Activities and Activities

12- board

13- Art Classrooms and Bulleting Boards

14- Inspiration

15- Art Attack

16- My Art Doodles

18- Artsy Fartsy

19- Patent and Color

20- Iluustration

8 Good Art Resources for Teachers and Students

I have lately received some requests to share digital Art resources for Art teachers and students. I went back to my Art Resources section here in Educational Technology and Mobile Learning and handpicked for you these excellent websites. Check them out below and as always if you have other suggestions to add to this collection, feel free to share them with us in the comment form below or email them to me and I will add them to the list. Enjoy

1- Google ART Project

Museums large and small, classic and modern, world-renowned and community-based from over 40 countries have contributed more than 40,000 high-resolution images of works ranging from oil on canvas to sculpture and furniture. Some paintings are available in ‘gigapixel’ format, allowing you to zoom in at brushstroke level to examine incredible detail.
2- Smart History

Smarthistory is a platform for the discipline where art historians contribute in their areas of expertise and learners come from across the globe. It offer nearly 500 videos and these are being translated into dozens of languages.
3- Metropolitan Museum of Art

The MET website is probably among the biggest Art projects in the world. it archives thousands of art collections, galleries, exhibitions and many more.

4- National Gallery of Art

NGA Images is a repository of digital images of the collections of the National Gallery of Art. On this website you can search, browse, share, and download images. A standards-based reproduction guide and a help section provide advice for both novices and experts. More than 29,000 open access digital images up to 3000 pixels each are available free of charge for download and use. NGA Images is designed to facilitate learning, enrichment, enjoyment, and exploration.
5- Art Babble

ArtBabbel is an excellent platform that features a treasure trove of videos on art and artists from more than 50 cultural institutions from around the world.
6- Artsy
Artsy’s mission is to make all the world’s art accessible to anyone with an Internet connection. It is an online platform for discovering and collecting art. Its growing collection comprises 50,000+ artworks by 11,000+ artists from leading galleries, museums, foundations, and artists’ estates. Artsy provides one of the largest collections of contemporary art available online.
7- Arts Edge

Arts Edge is the Kennedy Centre's free digital resource for teaching and learning through the Arts. It provides Art lessons, videos, how-to guides and many more for free.

This is another great resource packed full of Art lessons for kids and teenagers. Lessons are categorized by age, medium and grade.

A Treasure Trove of Video Lessons on Art for Teachers and Students

Here is another great resource for history Art teachers and students. ArtBabbel is an excellent platform that features a treasure trove of videos on art and artists  from more than 50 cultural institutions from around the world.

ArtBabble is a good  place to learn for everybody who loves and has an interest in art and particularly for educators who can use it as a way to support their classroom activities. There is a special section in this website called "For Educators" which includes several art lessons designed specifically to help teachers better integrate Art in their teaching.

ArtBabble brings art content from different places and perspectives together, easily accessed and found. It was created in 2009 and was conceived, designed, programmed, and launched by a cross-departmental collection of individuals at the Indianapolis Museum of Art.

Free Art Teaching Resources

This page contains some useful resources and links to help teachers in their art teaching. You will basically be directed to websites where you can find art materials, videos, printables, worksheets, activities, games, and many other teaching ideas that are art informed.

1- Songs for Teaching

Creative teachers can use music to teach content across the curriculum – to students of all ages.
This website offers  thousands of children's songs, lyrics, sound clips and teaching suggestions.

2- Art Smart

This is a great website full of art resources that aim at  engaging  students in the creative process through artistic inquiry into topics that span many different subject areas of the curriculum.  Their purpose is to improve student engagement and cultivate 21st century learning skills such as the capacity to think creatively, understand deeply, take control of learning, work 

3- Federal Resources for Educational Excellence

FREE is a platform that is sponsored by the American government and that has over 1.500 federally supported teaching and learning resources collected  from dozens of federal agencies. FREE makes it easy for you to find learning and  teaching resources not only about art but any other subject matter. You can use the Subject Map on the left to start navigating the site.

4- Canon

Canon has gone all out to produce the most impressive collection of paper craft printables I've ever seen. The premise is simple:  First, you select from one of the categories such as art, architecture, transport, fantasy or my personal favourite craftown that allows you to print out templates for items to make an entire paper city..Next, print out the template and instructions.Then, Construct.  Some are very simple and others are quite complex but each one is rated for difficulty so you can decide what to to attempt and leave out.

5- Teaching Ideas

This an excellent resource full of teaching ideas and resources for art teachers. It also contains materials for teaching other subjects.

6- Teacher Vision Art Resources

Emphasize the importance of art education throughout the year with TeacherVision's art lesson plans, printables, activities, quizzes, and references, perfect for art teachers at the elementary, middle, or high school level

7- Art Ideas for Teachers

Here you will have access to all the materials you might in your art teaching. These materials are divided into grade categories

Free Art Lesson Plans

Below are some  online resources where teachers can have access to a plethora of Art lesson plans. I have handpicked  these websites in such a way to cover almost all the grades. Just browse through the links and  I  am pretty sure you will find something for your students.

1- Incredible Art

This website provides Art lesson plans that are neatly organized through different categories.The lessons are arranged by subject, integration, art period, artist and medium.

2- Arts Edge Kennedy

This is another great resource packed full of art lesson plans. Use the Lesson Finder utility to search for and find arts-based lesson plans and projects for classrooms and after school.

3- Deep Space Sparkle

This website provides you with arts lessons by grade, by subject


This is a lesson plan library where you can find everything that has to do with arts.There are Music lesson plans, Dram lesson plans, Dance Lesson plans, and Visual Arts lesson plans.


Another treasure trove of art lesson plans, some samples are listed below :

This is a search engine for lesson plans. It has over 400.000+ teacher reviewed online lesson plans and worksheets. Searching for visual arts I got 26 results. You can also use the right hand widget to brows lessons by subject including : Art and crafts, drama, photography, dance, music, painting, architecture  and performing arts.

This website offers several lesson plans and activity ideas to use with your students in the classroom . It includes the following :

  •  Computer Art Lesson Plans
  • Art Smart Lesson Plans
  • Geography and Art Lesson Plans
  • History and Art Lesson Plans
  • Literature and Art Lesson Plans
  • Music and Art Lesson Plans
  • Physical Education and Art Lesson Plans
  • Science and Art Lesson Plans
  • Transportation and Art Lesson Plans

This is a Pinterest Board that features a wide range of elementary art lesson plans. It has alot of resources and packed full with creative ideas on how to integrated art into your teaching.