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5 Free Speech to Text Apps for Teachers and Students

It seems like iPad is gaining more and more space here in Educational Technology and Mobile Learning. As I said before, iPad is one of the most used tablets in education and many teachers prefer it over other devices. Apple's sense of reliability and perfection might be behind this but what is equally important is to get to know the right tools to use on it to promote learning and teaching. In this regard, Educational Technology and Mobile Learning has commenced a series of posts focusing on the educationl uses of iPad. After 8 Free Resources on The Use of iPad in Education and a Free Comprehensive Guide to The iPad Apps Evaluation, today's post will feature some of the best free speech to text  apps. I have picked these apps from Reg Swanson list which has paid apps too.

1- Dragon Dictation Free

speech to text apps

This is a free voice recognition app that lets users easily speak and instantly see the text or email messages. It is believed to be 5 times quicker than typing on the keyboard.

2- Speech Notes

speech to text apps

This is a note taking app that allows users to turn speech into text via the help of internet connection. Just click on the Mic button once for speaking and the second for transcription.

3- TalkBox Voice Messenger
speech to text apps

This is mainly for sending text messages with a combined voice and text input.

4- Vlingo-Voice App

speech to text apps

Vlingo is like the Siri Assistant that some iPhones 3GS and 4 have. Just speak to it and you will get many things done. It even integrates with your twitter and Facebook accounts.

5- Google Voice Search

This is Google Search app for the iPhone and iPad. You can use it to search the web using your voice and no need for typing.It also provides quick access to other Google apps like Gmail, Calendar, and Docs.

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