The aim of our website is to provide the education community with a platform where they can have access to the best curated EdTech content out there. We spend tremendous amount of time online scouring the web looking for content to share with you. Most of our posts are reviews of educational web tools and mobile apps, app suggestions, educational infographics, posters, guides,  video tutorials, and tips on integrating technology into education. The sources of our content are  multifarious: from feeds on our PLN to direct emails suggesting potential content for our blog, there is always something interesting to write about.

About the visuals in this blog
  Most of the images we include here are screenshots of web tools and mobile apps we review. However, there are times when we would have recourse to free image hosting platforms (e,g Google Images, Flickr...etc). While we always make sure that the images we use are either licensed under CC or in public domain, chances for errors are always possible .Therefore, if you come across any visual or image that is not properly credited please let us know and we will fix it immediately.

 In line with our responsibilities as an educators we hereby state the following:
Some of the materials that are published in this blog are not our own property like for example some guides, posters and infographics. Again, all of these resources are properly referenced so that our readers can trace back their original creators. If you are the owner of a resource featured in this blog and you decide, for a reason or another, that you do not want it to be featured here anymore or  you want us to change the link to the credited source or even take it down completely from the site, please report it to us and your request will be met in less than 24 hours.

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