The aim of this blog is to provide the education community with a platform where they can access quality EdTech content. Most of the posts I write here are reviews of educational web tools, mobile apps, app suggestions, educational infographics, posters, guides, video tutorials, and tips on integrating technology in education. The sources of my content are numerous: from feeds on my PLN to direct emails suggesting potential content for my blog, there is always something interesting to write about.

About the visuals in this blog

Most of the images I include in my posts are either screenshots of web tools and mobile apps I review or visuals I create myself. However, there are times (rare though) when I would have recourse to free image hosting platforms such as Google Images and Pixabay to source CC licensed visuals for my posts. 

However, given that the last thing you would expect from the world of the Internet is constancy and stability,  chances of copyright change for visuals that were initially CC licensed is always a possibility. Therefore, if you are the owner of a visual featured in any of my posts that you think is not properly credited or you want it completely removed, please email me and I will address your concern immediately.

Please note that my work here in EdTech and mLearning is licensed under Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs CC VY-NC-ND, meaning, you can download, print, share or distribute it the way you want provided: you include a link back to my blog, keep it free of charge, and use it only for educational purposes. This licence does not cover materials (e.g., posters, visuals, graphics, images) that are not my own property. To reproduce these materials you need to contact their respective owners using the accompanying reference links.

About ads and affiliate links

As stated in the privacy policy, I use display ads in my blog to generate some revenue to help with paying for all incurring fees related to my blogging work from hosting fees to premium subscriptions (i.e., in platforms I use to create materials for my posts such as posters, visuals, charts, videos, etc). I know sometimes these ads can be annoying but I count on your understanding. 

I also use Amazon affiliate links almost exclusively in my book recommendation posts. These links enable me to earn a commission from qualifying purchases at no additional cost to you.

Med Kharbach, PhD
Updated in July 8, 2022