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Educational Technology is a blog owned and operated by Med Kharbach. Med is a PhD candidate at Mount Saint Vincent University in Halifax, Canada.Med was also a K-12 teacher with over 10 years of classroom teaching experience.  Med's research interests include: discourse analysis, language learning/teaching,  language and identity, critical linguistics, new (emerging) literacies, critical pedagogy, and educational technology.

For any type of inquiry  about my blog, please email me at : For those of you interested in guest blogging, we do not support guest posts at the moment. However, if you have suggestions of educational web tools or mobile apps you want to bring to our attention, please share with us via the email above.

Please note that our work here in EdTech and mLearning is licensed under Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs CC VY-NC-ND, meaning you can download, print, share or distribute it the way you want provided : you include a link back to our blog, keep it free of charge, and use it only for educational purposes. This licence does not cover materials (e.g., posters, visuals, graphics, images) that are not our own propriety. To reproduce these materials you need to contact their respective owners using the reference links provided with them.

Here is how to cite any of our blog posts in APA style :
Kharbach, M. (Post date). Title of the post [Blog post]. Retrieved from (URl of the post).
Kharbach, M. (2016, December 30). 9 Fundamental digital skills for 21st century teachers [Blog post]. Retrieved from
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