Shmoop- Study Guides and Test Prep Resources for Students

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Shmoop is an educational platform that offers a wide variety of study materials to help students with their learning. These include online courses, video content, study guides, test prep guides, quizzes, study tools, among others. Shmoop's resources draw on humour to explain complex subjects and to create fun activities conducive to optimal learning experiences. 

Teachers are provided with several resources and tools to help them set and manage classes, track students progress, create and use digital gradebooks, access teaching guides, use assessments and activities, scripted lesson plans, and several other curricular resources to use in  classroom teaching. 

Teachers can use Shmoop resources to 'supplement in-classroom learning with fun, engaging, and relatable learning materials'. However, only very limited resources are offered for free, the majority of Shmoop content is for premium plans (see costs at the bottom of this post).

Shmoop courses

Shmoop offers a huge collection of online courses covering numerous categories including life skills, literature, math, humanities, business and career prep, science, technology and computer science, test prep, foreign language, English, and more. You can search for courses by category, course type (e.g., honors, elective, remedial, basic, and grade level (grade 1 to college).

Shmoop study guides

Shmoop offers a wide range of study guides to help students with their homework. These guides cover different subjects including: math, literature,science, chemistry, history, music, poetry, biology, physics, civics, and many more. You can search for study guides by subject. Each study guide comes with a number of elements which depending on the topic it covers can include explanatory materials, video content, quizzes, citations, timelines, among others. 

Shmoop test prep guides

Shmoop test prep guides offer students resources to help them prep for various test types including GED, TOEFL, ASVAR, PSAT, SAT, AP Exams and many more. These resources include extensive topic review, tons of drills, full-length practice exams, tips and strategies, study plans, and more. You can search test prep guides by program (e.g., test prep crash courses, test prep study guides, college credit, courses, series exams, etc), by grade level, by subject, by feature, and by user type. 

Shmoop PBIS

PBIS stands for Positive Behavioral Intervention and Supports. Shmoop offers an educational program that "lets teachers and staff involved in teaching students what good behavior looks like, and then focusing on and rewarding good behavior." The program embeds video courses, scripted lesson plans, discussion ideas, links, and over 18 courses and teaching guides tackling topics such as tolerance and acceptance, integrity and honesty, leadership, achievement and excellent, responsibility, and more. 

Shmoop Tube

Shmoop Tube is a video library that offers educational video content designed to help students with their learning. There are videos for science, social studies, English (e.g., grammar, punctuation, and test prep), literature, math, and test prep. 

Shmoop tools

Shmoop offers a number of tools to help students with their studies including:

1. Essay Lab
Essay Lab is a tool that offers step by step help with essay writing. Students access writing tips and view examples and explanations of how to write various essay types. Essay Lab offers writing guidance for the following genre: book reports, college essays, persuasive essays, thesis statements, analytic reports, reviews and critical evaluations, SAT and ACT writing prep, among others. 

2. Flashcards
Shmoop offers a huge collection of study flashcards covering different subjects including literature, science, math, test prep, vocabulary, foreign languages, and more. Shmoop also enables students to create their own study flashcards or import them in CSV, Excel, or text file format.

3. Math Shack
Math Shack offers resources (e.g., self-paced math drills) to help students develop their mathematical skills. Most of these resources are tagged to the Common Core. Math Shack drills cover pre-algebra, algebra, geometry, statistics and probability.

Shmoop math
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How much does Shmoop costs?

Shmoop offers numerous subscription plans. For teachers, there is a monthly plan  for $14.99 and a yearly plan for $150. For students, the monthly plan costs $14.99 and the yearly plan costs $150. There is also a Homeschool yearly plan for $300. Shmoop offers school or district level plans for custom prices. 

Shmoop alternatives?

Some viable alternatives to Shmoop include Quizlet, Kahoot, Chegg, Brainly, and a number of other homework help websites.