Cool Math Games- Free Online Math Games for Kids and Students

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Cool Math Games offers access to a wide range of free math challenges that help students sharpen their mathematical skills. These include free thinking, strategy, and logic games. Cool Math games are student friendly and can be used in school and at home. 'There’s never violence, empty action, or inappropriate language – just a wide range of logic and strategy puzzles that’ll make you forget you're getting a mental workout.'

Cool Math Games
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Cool Math Games is part of the Cool Math network which includes, besides Cool Math games, (offers math lessons and explanations on topics spanning algebra, pre-calculus, decimals, properties, factors, and more), and Coolmath4Kids (offers math resources for kids 12 and under).

Cool Math games target various learning skills and cognitive competencies. Math games are arranged into various categories including: Strategy, Skill, Numbers, Logic, Trivia, and more. Although its title indicates otherwise, Cool Math Game website is not limited to only math challenges, it also offers mini-games spanning different subjects and content areas including  memory games, jigsaw puzzles, science games, geography-based games, classic games, among others. 

What are Cool Math Strategy games?

Cool Math strategy games help students and kids develop skills related to decision making, effective planning, resource management, divergent thinking, among others. Cool Math strategy games are organized into the following categories: New Strategy Games, Popular Strategy Games, Business Games, Idle Games, Tower Defense Games, Endless Puzzle Games, Match 3 Games, Construction Games, and Figure It Out Games. Some of the popular Cool Math strategy games include: 

  • Checkers: Teaches kids and students 'basic spatial awareness and boosts problem solving skills and memory recall'.
  • Push Your Luck: A spin the wheel game which helps students learn about probability
  • Block the Pig: Players use planning and strategic thinking skills to build walls to block the pig from escaping.
  • Mainland Wars: Players use their resource management skills to build armies and invade territories of the enemy.
  • Duck Life 4: Players use their financial literacy skills to purchase items and train their duck to be a high performer athlete.
  • Crazy Either: Helps players develop key decision making and critical thinking skills. Players are required to make calculated moves by weighing the pros and cons of each action. 

What are Cool Math Number Games?

Cool Math Numbers games help students and kids develop math skills related to addition, subtraction, division, multiplication, fractions, and more. Popular number games include:

  • Calculate This: Players use the calculator to reach the target number. They need to do so with the minimum number of operations possible. 
  • Johnny Upgrade: Players are provided with a limited period of time to travel locations in the map and gather coins. They are required to carry out instructions and do their best to memorize routes.
  • Coffee Shop: Players are to buy all the materials they need in order to create a coffee recipe to sell to others.
  • Math Clash: Players are to answer math questions by typing numbers. Whoever takes two rounds wins the class.
  • Sudoku: Players use numbers to fill in the grid. Players can choose a level of difficulty (e.g., beginner, intermediate, or advanced). 'Sudoku puzzles stimulate your mind and help you practice logical reasoning. While playing this game, you increase your concentration, develop your memory and promote strategic thinking.'

Cool Math Games

What are Cool Math Logic Games?

Cool Math logic games help students and kids develop logical thinking skills via working on free physics puzzles, platformers, drawing games, and more. Some of the popular Cool Math logic games include:
  • Tube Master: Players draw pipes between pipe connections that have similar colour.
  • Apple Worm: Players do their best to reach the portal and if they can't they need to eat the apple to grow their worm.
  • Parking Panic: Players are required to move their car to the exit and to do so they need to navigate other cars and trucks blocking the way. 
  • Fat Slice 2: 'Click and drag across a shape to cut it. Your line cannot cut in between the bouncing balls, or get hit by them. Try to use as few slices as possible'

How to Sign up and use Cool Math Games?

 Head over to and click on Sign up. Type in your login info, choose an avatar, and select a background theme. Free users are provided with pre-set nicknames, only premium members have the option to create a custom nickname. 

Once logged in, click on one of the game categories or use the search functionality to search for games to play. Browse through the collections, click on the game you are interested in, read the instructions on how to play it, and click to start playing it, as simple as it sounds!

Is Cool Math Games available as a mobile app?

Cool Math Games is available as a mobile app for Android and iOS. You can download the apps for free with no in-app purchases.

How much does Cool Math Games cost?

The free version of Cool Math Games comes pre-loaded with tons of annoying ads and is also limited in terms of the features it provides. The premium subscription, which costs $5.99/month, offers many enhanced features including special themes and avatars, custom username, and unlimited playlists.

Watch this  quick tour of Cool Math Games website to learn more.