Nitro Type- Learn Typing through Competitive Racing Games

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Nitro Type is a free online car racing game that helps players enhance their typing skills through competing with other players in real-time. Each player has a race car whose speed is determined by the accuracy of the typed words.To drive their car fast, players are required to correctly type words displayed on the screen. The player who types correctly and quickly wins the race. Nitro Type typing game is based on accuracy and speed (i.e., WPM= Word Per Minute).  Watch the video at the bottom of the page to see Nitro Type in action.

Nitro Type

As players complete the race, they earn Nitro Cash and Loot which they can use in the site's store to buy items such as new racing cars. Earned rewards are stored in the Garage where players can access and customize their cars and loot. For instance, they can change their car's color, select a trail, choose stickers, and more.  Players can friend each other, join teams, compete against one another, and more. And while Nitro Type does not provide an open chat service it does facilitate communication between players through the use of stickers and canned-chat (predefined messages).

Using Nitro Type with students

Nitro Type offers teachers a wide variety of tools and features designed specifically for use with students in class. Teachers can group students into different teams (use these random group generators  for help) and get them competing against one another. Teachers can track students performance and progress through custom reports. 

They can view in real-time which student is racing and who is off-track. They can also use game timers to limit play time. The automatic custom Class page enables students to view each other's stats and cars. Nitro Type supports class rostering and single sign-on via Google Classroom and Clever Library.

Note that Nitro Type is perfect for typing practice. It does not offer lessons or any other kind of instructional materials that beginner typists can use to develop their keyboarding skills. Lessons and other instructional resources are offered in the parent site

What are teams?

According to Nitro Type, teams are groups of racers who compete for placement on the Team Leaderboards. Players can either create their own teams and invite other racers to compete or join an existing team. To create a team players need to have $50.000 in Nitro Cash and should have completed at least 50 races.

What is Nitro Type Season?

Seasons in Nitro Type are competitions that take place periodically. With the start of each season players start from scratch at level 0 and work their way up. They can earn racing cars, Nitro Cash, stickers, trails, and more. Click on the Season tab to view which seasons are provided and how many days left till they are over. 

How much does Nitro Type cost?

Nitro Type is free to play. You can register your account and start competing in races. Nitro Type also offers a Nitro Gold subscription which costs $9.99 per year and provides the following features: 20% more Nitro Cash from every race, access to exclusive gold rewards, unlock the full reward track for every season, ability to send cash to other players, and more.

Watch this video to see Nitro Type in action

Alternatives to Nitro Type?

Some of the typing games and tools I would highly recommend for teachers, educators, parents and students include: 10 Fast Fingers, Typing Club, and Keybr.