9 Great Android Mind Mapping Apps

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Here is a collection featuring some of the best Android mind mapping apps. You can use them to capture your thoughts and organize your ideas into various visual modes. As I stated in a previous post about mind mapping web tools, mind maps can be used for different educational purposes including collaborative brainstorming in class, creating summaries, taking notes, thought structuring, project planning, and more.

1. GitMind

Android mind mapping

GitMind offers over 70 pre-made templates to create your mind map. These are all professionally designed templates that you can edit and customize the way you want. GitMind also offers various predefined themes with multiple layouts (e.g., org chart, fishbone, logic chart, tree chart). Other interesting features offered by GitMind include the ability to undo and redo, expand and collapse branches and nodes, switch between outline mode and mind map, share mind maps through URL, seamless synchronization, and more. 

2. miMind

miMind is an Android mind mapping app that you can use to capture thoughts and brainstorm ideas. The app offers a wide variety of shapes, layouts, patterns, color schemes, and many other elements to use in your maps. Final mind map can be shared as an image (JPEG/PNG, bmp/bitmap), PDF, text, or XML file. Other features provided by the app include: rich text formatting, different layout schemes, hierarchical frameworks, backup to cloud storage, copy and paste nodes, auto-save on exit, undo-redo, drag and drop, import from cloud storage, among others.

3. XMind

XMind is another good mind mapping app to use on your Android. The app offers a powerful set of features such as beautiful themes, different mind map diagrams (e.g., ORG Chart, Fishbone), files to allow you to easily search for and find your mind maps, supports different sharing options including image file or embed in other platforms like Google Slide, PowerPoint, Microsoft, or Keynote.

4. SimpleMind

SimpleMind is an easy to use Android for creating mind maps. It offers an intuitive editor with tons of features including unlimited page size and number of elements, create multiple mind maps on a single page, select, collapse and expand branches, access pre-defined style sheets, offers both free layout and auto layouts, no sign up or registration, the ability to upgrade to full functionality, and more. 

Android mind mapping
Credit: Orbit Mind app

5. Mindomo

Mindomo is a powerful mind mapping app that enables you to capture your ideas into maps and convert them into interactive presentations to share with others. Mindomo also supports real-time collaboration allowing you to work with your colleagues on collaborative mind maps wherever they are. You can create as many maps as you want. There are various layouts to choose from (e.g., circular, concept, org chat) with full customization capabilities. Your maps can include images, icons, text, and different styles and themes. 

6. Orbit Mind

Orbit Mind is another good Android mind mapping app that offers a number of handy features including unlimited document size, animated transitions, full screen mode, automatic layout of mind map, a single toolbar with all the required functionality, map elements arranged into orbitals,  automatic saving of mind maps, and more. Orbit Mind also supports various export options including as image, OPML,  PDF, SVG (Vector Graphics Image), and more. 

7. Mindly

Mindly enables you to create various forms of mind maps on your Android operated device. Some of the functionality offered by this app include: the ability to protect mind maps using a passcode, access to different colour schemes for elements, infinite hierarchy of elements, supports numerous elements (e.g., notes, images, icons, etc), different export formats (e.g., PDF, OPML, and text), Dropbox sync, and many more.

Android mind mapping
Credit: MindMeister app

8. Ayoa

Ayoa is another simple and easy to use tool for creating mind maps on Android. Some of the features provided by Ayoa includes a whiteboard with intuitive interface that enables you to capture and organize ideas using sticky notes and annotations. Other features include real time collaboration, branch voting, commenting, and more.

9. MindMeister

MindMeister is another great mind mapping app to use on your Android device. It allows you create and edit unlimited mind maps, add different elements to your maps (e.g., icons, images, text, links, attachments, etc), add various colours and map themes, easy drag and drop interface, real time collaboration, play mind maps as presentations, different export options (e.g., PDF, PNG format), and more.