3 Great Ways to Boost Classroom Creativity

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According to Gallup, 80% of teachers say that using technology creatively helps to personalize students’ learning. Also, educators who ignite creativity with tech-based projects are likely to see big pay-offs in student results. Tech-enabled creativity has been shown to help learners in many ways including:

  • Acquire learning concepts
  • Develop new skills
  • Create and make things
  • Collaborate, evaluate and communicate more effectively

Using technology creatively is all about helping students do things they’ve never done before. Rather than using tech tools as a substitute — replacing pen and paper with a computer, for example — teachers can instead tap into the full transformational potential of tech-enabled tools. Doing this will enhance learning, engagement and equity for all students.

Here are three great ways to boost tech-enabled creativity:

1. Make a Mind Map

There’s no denying the power of visual thinking. A Mind Map or Concept Map is a creative way to take notes that literally “maps out” ideas with diagrams. It can turn a long list of dry facts into a fun, memorable and highly organized “map” that works with the brain's natural way of remembering things.

Pairing Logitech Pens with Chromebooks or Logitech Crayons with iPads enables students to easily build Mind Maps that help them organize and remember information. Chances are they’ll find it a lot easier to recall the material when it’s presented as a map, rather than using a written outline.

Creative Tip: Have learners use Pen to create a Mind Map for a historical event or science concept, using lines, symbols, words, color and pictures. The subject goes in the center, with main themes radiating from the central image as 'branches.' Topics or facts of lesser importance are represented as 'twigs' of the relevant branch. To learn more about the  potential of mind mapping in education check out this guide.

2. Explore the World

With the right tools, learning can happen anywhere! Rugged Combo 3 Touch encourages learners to get creative with their iPads, both in and out of the classroom. With this slim, protective keyboard case, students can take their tablet from home to classroom to the wide world and beyond, with greater security and more flexibility. The case’s adjustable kickstand and foldable keyboard lets students type notes, read e-books, sketch, take photos, watch videos and more, all on the go. Having a real keyboard also frees up more of the iPad screen and makes it easier for learners to type.

Creative Tip: Combine art and science by asking students to take photos on their iPad of local plants and animals. Rugged Combo 3 Touch is perfectly fitted to the iPad, giving unobstructed access to the camera. And don’t worry about scratches, drops or dirt: the case has been put through the toughest tests to ensure the highest levels of protection.


3. Go with the Flow

The neuroscience of learning has uncovered a major role for — wait for it! — daydreaming. Research suggests that learners benefit from what researchers call “constructive internal reflection.” But this creative mental state can be easily disrupted by background noise. That’s why teachers turn to the H111 Headset to help learners tune out distractions. Students using Logitech headsets show a 350% increase in performance with English learning apps!1

Creative Tip: Educators can encourage learners to turn their attention from external disruptions to internal focus with the noise-canceling H111 Headset. These rugged, easy-to-clean headsets block out the sounds of other students and activities in the room so each student can focus on their own learning. The integrated microphone also supports interactive conversations, so learners can both hear and be heard. When educators go with the flow, they can help students tune out the outside world to engage with their own creative learning.

Simple, flexible and durable technology lets teachers focus on what they do best: building student engagement with learning. And with easy tech-enabled solutions, they can inspire and enhance the creative potential of all learners.

To learn more about Logitech’s suite of education solutions, go to https://www.logitech.com/en-us/education.html.

1. Semester comparison with phonics accuracy and completion from 20% to 90% of 47 middle school students who received Logitech headsets through a donation in 2021.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post by Logitech.