Math Games Offers Online Math Games and Worksheets to Enhance Math Learning

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Games are an amazing platform for learning. In fact every great game is a learning experience. Math Games has over 1200 different ways to practice math and presents these skills to students through vibrant and stimulating interactive visuals. Math Games is used throughout schools as a way to personalize learning and allow every student to progress at a pace that fits their learning needs.

Math games

Math Games gives its more than 31 million student users access to online games and digital worksheets to help make learning math more fun and engaging.

With “Math Help on Demand”, Math Games’ CEO, Bill Kara, hopes his platform’s latest feature will help ease a bit of the school anxieties faced by families and teachers alike. The offering is the Internet’s largest online compilation of math skills tutorials. Students have access to more than 80 hours of teacher-led instruction open to kids 24/7. In fact, the company partnered with 20 different teachers across the United States to film these videos. Each one worked closely with Kara and his development team, filming over the summer months before kids made their way back to an unprecedented ‘new normal’ for schooling.

“Parents and kids around the country are contending with a new breed of challenges these days when it comes to education,” said Kara. “We hope that by giving kids on-demand access to lessons by real teachers anytime they need it, we can lighten the load of remote/hybrid learning for parents and students. These videos were designed to be a massive library for kids as a means of helping them better understand the math lessons they encounter each day.”

Kara hopes “Math Help on Demand” will offer parents -- many of whom are stuck between their own work schedules and helping their kids after remote schooling ends -- a bit of relief too.

As part of the TeachMe family of products (which include properties like TypeRacer, EdShelf and PlayGeography), Math Games’ developers are well-versed in creating engaging experiences that can be easily accessed from any digital medium.

To streamline access and accommodate students with different device needs, the team at Math Games made sure that every video has been optimized for mobile, allowing for quick connectivity to content from smartphones and tablets, as well as on the web.

“The goal is to ultimately bridge the gaps for teachers and students as best possible, whether at home or on-the-go,” added Kara.

Post by Veronica Amenta.