Free 3D Icons to Use in Your Educational Projects and Presentations

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Free 3D Icon is a website that provides access to a wide variety of 3D icons that you can download and use in your multimedia projects. This resource which I discovered through Eric Curts' Tech Integration Updates document, can be used by teachers, educators, and students to search for 3D icons to use in their educational projects. 

The process Free 3D Icon works is simple and easy. Head over to the site's homepage and type in your search query in the search box there. When you find the icon you want to use click on it and then choose which versions you want to use. Each icon has a free and paid version. The difference between the two versions is that"in the free version you get two PNG files, one shadowed and one without, in high resolution. You don't need to specify the author, and you can use this in your next project." The premium version lets you customize your icons and offers 3 camera angles, 12 PNG Hi-res files, 1 OBJ source file, and an extra glossy style.

Free 3D Icon is web based and does not require any software download. No sign-up is required either. However, note that the site's repository of 3D icons is limited. For instance, my search using the words teacher and teaching did not return any results. Even for a broad category as education I only got one search result.  A search tip: you may want to use generic search terms as much as possible otherwise it would be hard to find relevant icons.

Overall, I like the site  and I am adding this platform to my list of educational icons resources