3 Important Resources to Help You Integrate Project Based Learning in Your Classroom

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Project based learning is a pedagogical methodology that seeks to engage students in meaningful  and authentic learning experiences using 'academically-rich classroom projects'. At the core of project based learning is the skill of inquiry. Students learn to apply their theoretical knowledge to solve real world problems and challenges. 

PBL is not the same as simply doing projects. PBL is a student-centered approach that involves using meticulously crafted projects to drive students learning.  A PBL-driven lesson is one in which the project is the main vehicle for teaching and learning. As PBLWorks stated, unlike simple projects, PBL "requires critical thinking, problem solving, collaboration, and various forms of communication. To answer a driving question and create high-quality work, students need to do much more than remember information. They need to use higher-order thinking skills and learn to work as a team."

In today's post, I am sharing with you 3 great resources to help you make the best of PBl approach in your teaching. I also recommend Common Sense Media list of PBL resources where I learned about the last two tools in the list below. You can also check PBL apps, tools and books to learn more about how you can successfully integrated project-based learning in your teaching philosophy.

3 Important Resources to Help You Integrate Project Based Learning in Your Classroom

PBLWorks is all about enabling teachers and educators to tap into the pedagogical potential of project-based learning. It offers tools, workshops, online courses,  and several other resources to help teachers 'design and facilitate quality project based learning'. PBLWorks also share state of the art research on how PBL is radically transforming education. 

Defined Learning is a platform that provides cross-curricular STEM resources designed to promote students learning through project-based activities. These resources include real-world videos , performance tasks, and literacy tasks. "Real-World Videos set the stage for each lesson by showing the practical application of educational concepts within a company/industry. Performance Task built around the specific job/industry ask the students to apply the knowledge learned in a real world unpredictable situations. Literacy Tasks ask students to read, synthesize and write informative and/or position papers around the real world career based topic." 

Dreamdo is a global platform that helps teachers and educators from all around the world incorporate the principles of project-based learning in their classrooms. Dreamdo offers a biannual program that any teacher and students (from 7-19 years old) can join. "Dreamdo Schools is aimed at inspired teachers who want to connect with other teachers and classes around the world to share their projects and learn from each other. Student projects can be used as part of a normal curriculum or as a complementary extracurricular activity. There is no restriction on the theme of the project, as long as it is something students themselves decide to do". Dreamdo provides various samples of project-based projects that students can work on. Examples include: Host an amateur photography project, Make something for your neighbourhood project, Learn to do papier-maché, and many more.