3 Important Google Workspace Updates Teachers Should Know about

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Since the last Google Workspace updates I shared with you here in Educational Technology and Mobile Learning, a number of new features were released. Below are three of the main new features I want to bring to the attention of educators, teachers, and students. My favourite of them all is the live translated captions service added to Google Meet. This is especially helpful in boosting communication across different languages and cultures. 

Besides the ability to search for Google Drive files directly from the Chrome URL bar, a functionality that was released in 2019, Chrome launched a new feature that enables users to quickly access their high priority Drive files "straight from the Chrome Desktop new tab page. The easily accessible interface will save end user time and mental load to navigate to relevant files." This new feature is on by default and will be rolled out to all Workspace customers within the next two weeks.

This new feature allows users to easily insert image watermarks into Google docs. "This watermark image will repeat behind the text on every page of your document. This is useful for adding company logos, branding, and custom designs. Additionally, image watermarks are preserved when importing or exporting documents from Microsoft Word."

This new feature which is still in beta will tremendously boost interlingual and intercultural communication. Participants in Google Meet video calls will be able to access real-time translated captions of the spoken language. As of right now, English meetings can be translated into Spanish, French, Portuguese and German. As for its use in education, Google stated the following:
Live translated captions can also be impactful for educators by enhancing communication with students who speak a different language than the instructor. This can also enable students to connect with other students across the globe who speak a different language. Translation can increase inclusivity with parents and community stakeholders by bridging people with diverse backgrounds. 
3 Important Google Workspace Updates Teachers Should Know about