Untold Provides Educational Video Content to Engage Students in History Learning

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Untold is a platform that provides educational resources to engage students in history learning. The site offers a free collection of animated videos that shed light on alternative historical perspectives highlighting those stories and events that do not normally make it into the mainstream history textbooks. As they interact with these resources, students develop critical thinking skills required to help them evaluate and question the validity and authenticity of the information and news they deal with on a daily basis. 

Untold materials are provided for free for teachers and students. They are organized into multiple series including:Hidden Figures, Women and the American Story,Art that Changed America, Things You Didn't Know, Speeches that Changed America, America Explained, and more. Untold "works with a growing list of museums, foundations and historical societies. These partners bring expertise, unique insights, amazing source materials and funding. And they share our passion for using video to engage young audiences in history."