This Is How to Use Google Slides to Create Educational Animations

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There are a wide variety of web tools and mobile apps you can use to create educational animations to use in your teaching. I have already covered several of these applications in previous posts. However, what several teachers do not know is that Google Slides can also be used to design custom animation. The process is simply and easy. 

Source: Applied Digital Skills

Create an Animation in Google Slides is a video lesson from Applied Digital Skills which will walk you through the different stages to create your own animations. Basically, your animations are based on still images you animate by applying various techniques. Generally, the process consists of three main steps: in the first step you open a blank slide then you insert an image or a drawing and you edit it to your preference. In the second step, you 'reposition the images slightly on the next few slides' and you repeat this action in the next slides till your animation is complete. In the final step, you play your animation in present mode, adjust slides, then when you are content with your creation you can then share it with others.

By the end of this lesson, you will be able to achieve the following objectives: "Create an animation in a slide presentation using a sequence of images to bring a story or process to life through motion; share a presentation with a partner to ask for specific forms of feedback to improve the presentation; and use present mode to ensure the images on the slides move naturally." The digital skills addressed in this activity include how to:Add speaker notes, insert an image, crop and resize an image, draw with line tool, draw a shape, add a line color, search for images, and many more.

This video lesson is also accompanied by a number of teaching materials including: a lesson plan, a rubric, and printable certificates of completion.