These 6 Educational Apps Are Free Today- Grab Them

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In this week's apps gone free series, I am sharing with you this interesting collection of educational apps I curated from App Advice. All of these apps are on sale right now and only for a limited period of time. Hopefully they will be still free by the time you read this post. My favourite app in this list is gTasks pro, a task management app that integrates seamlessly with Google Tasks and Google Calendar. The other apps featured in this collection include a coloring app to help students practice and develop their coloring skills, a guitar chord dictionary featuring over 500 chords with their corresponding pictures, a background blurring application to use on photos, and finally an app to help students explore and learn about the solar system.

  These 6 Educational Apps Are Free Today- Grab Them

gTasks enables you to sync your tasks with Google Tasks and across your iOS devices. Other features provided by the app include: view asks and calendar events in a single place, use subtasks to organize tasks, location based reminders, set repeating tasks, back up tasks offline, integrates with Google Calendar, share tasks with others, and more.

The app offers an illustrated chord dictionary containing over 500 chords with realistic sound. "All examples are shown along with a picture, which provides the best view for left hand positioning. Its interface allows quick access to the desired chord through lists with tonic and chord types, and even a search engine."

As its name indicates, the app lets you blur the background of photos. You can choose from different blur styles including bokeh, box, motion, pixelate, and cystallize. You can also change the intensity of the blur you apply to photos using the slide.

A good education word game that combines animations and sounds to engage kids (and adults). "It's you versus the world... Actually it's you versus thousands of squirrels running in circles to turn a crank that rotates a gear that drops a ball onto a lever that juices a server farm that powers an adaptive algorithm that quickly ramps up difficulty to match your skill...Capture words, destroy superfluous letters, and conquer the world."

A coloring game that allows kids to practice their coloring skills on various things from food, vehicles, and characters to famous places and exotic animals... The app offers "a coloring book filled with hundreds and hundreds of coloring templates and many hours of relaxation and creativity that both kids and adults will enjoy".

A great app to help students explore the Solar system..."Navigate within our Solar System, witness the movements of our planets as they travel through the Milky Way. Take any viewing angle, move with the planets, zoom down to your location on Earth to witness Earth’s rotation speed and direction."