TeachingBooks Offers Resources That Bring Books to Life

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Teaching Books is an educational platform that offers tons of reading resources to use with students in class. Its library hosts over 260.000 resources about children's and young adult's books. You can search for books by author or title or browse through the collections and lists. The site also features several other educational resources to help make reading an enjoyable experience. These include meet-the-author videos, book trailers, read-along audiobook performances, discussion questions, vocabulary lists, and more. 

Teaching Books offers recordings and short movies featuring  a wide variety of authors and illustrators so that students can learn directly from the authors and further develop personal connections with the text. Teaching Books "offers every reader a vast library of materials that enrich connections to essentially every book that they are reading".

Reading materials on Teaching Books can be used to support literacy instruction. There are several tools that support this goal including: Standards Connections, Diverse Books Toolkit, Reader's Advisory, Library Programming, Literary Calendar, Hear the Authors Pronounce Their Names,  and many more. Access to reading resources on Teaching Books can be shared with anyone and no sign up is required for accessing shared materials.