Practical Google Docs Keyboard Shortcuts for Teachers and Students

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If you are like me a big fan of Google Docs chances are you use it on a daily basis. I personally use Google Docs for almost anything that involves some form of lengthy writing from jotting down entries in my daily diary to writing chapters of my doctoral dissertation (well for this I also use Word). Using Docs keyboard shortcuts saves me a lot of time and energy. It might take you awhile before your keyboarding shortcuts become a habit but once they do your interaction with Google Docs will definitely be way better. 

In the visual below I compiled for you some of the important keyboard shortcuts  you need to master to enhance your Google Docs experience. For a full list of Docs keyboard shortcuts check out this page. For those of you using Chrome browser, check out this list of practical shortcuts compiled specifically for teachers and students.

Practical Google Docs Keyboard. Shortcuts for Teachers and Students