Here Is A Powerful Note Taking App for Students

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NoteLedge is a digital notebook that allows you to visualize your thoughts and organize your notes in a single place. It offers three helpful functionalities that enable you to capture, organize, and create new ideas and inspiration. Students can use it to curate content from the web by clipping images, text, and/or screenshots and add their notes to clipped content. They can also clip videos from popular video hosting services such as YouTube and Vimeo and annotate them the way they want.

The creative process in Noteledge is limitless. Using the app's annotating tools, students can draw, outline, sketch, and create collages by cutting out images and arranging layers. They can also add their own audio recordings and photos and insert videos into their notes. Additionally, notes can be organized into mood boards or idea boards and be shared with others in various formats. They can be exported as PDFs with audio and video included or be shared as slideshows.

Noteledge has both a basic free version and a premium version. The latter offers more features and functionalities. Also, Noteledge works on different platforms and across various devices. It works on iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac. Watch the video below to see Noteledge in action.