Helpful Reading and Writing Resources to Use in Your Classroom

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The Wide Open School has this excellent resource featuring a wide variety of educational materials to use in reading and writing activities. These include audiobooks, writing prompts, interactive language games to help students practice reading comprehension, creative writing, and more. These resources are arranged by grade and type. There are five grade categories: preschool, grades K-2, Grades 3-5, Grades 6-8, and Grades 9-12. You can also hone in your search for reading and writing materials by activity, audio, lesson, video, worksheet, article/eBook, and website/app.

When you find a resource you want to use in class you can either click on the 'Visit' button to access it or click on 'Watch' to view it if it is in video format. You can also share it via a generated link, through email or directly to Google Classroom. Samples of featured reading and writing resources include:a list of grammar checkers, games and websites curated by Common Sense; Cultures Around the World which is a video from Candy See to help students discover different cultural traditions from all around the world; the Audible version of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland read by Scarlet Johansson, a Summer Activity Book from PBS to engage students and young learners in various learning activities and many more.

The Wide Open School also offers Resources for Social Studies, and Math.