Free Literacy-based Templates to Celebrate Popular World Events with Students in Class

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Cultural Moments is an excellent Google for Education resource featuring a collection of educational resources and activities that teachers and educators can use to celebrate various popular holidays and events with their students in class. Each of these resources come in the form of a customizable template with activities and instructions on how to use it. You simply choose the event you want to celebrate with your students, copy the Google Slides template, customize it to your teaching need, then share it with your students to work on. They can use various forms of multimedia to record and add their feedback including text, audio, video, and stickers.

Source: from Read a Book Day template

As of writing these lines, Cultural Moments features activities for four main events: 

International Women's Month
This virtual poster board helps students "research and celebrate the achievements and contributions of women throughout history...Shedding light on the history of women throughout time, across disciplines, and beyond borders can help students reflect on the significance of inclusion in the past, present, and future." 

World Health Day Journaling Activity
This activity encourages students to journal about how they are looking  after their wellbeing during distance learning".

Women's Equality Day Virtual Poster Board
Women's Equality Day activity encourages "students to research and celebrate the achievements and contributions of suffragettes using a virtual poster board".

Read A Book Day Virtual Bookshelf
 Read A Book Day offers students a virtual bookshelf to help them document their reading journeys and share with classmates, teachers, and parents.

There is also a resource activity for International Literacy Day which is not yet ready. The activity is supposed to help students 'express the importance of literacy and encourage students to keep reading with free downloadable bookmarks'.