You Can Now Insert Flipgrid Videos to Create Engaging PPT Presentations

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PowerPoint has recently added a new feature which  enables users to easily integrate Flipgrid videos into their presentation slides. The integration of Flipgrid into PowerPoint is a surefire way of creating interactive and engaging presentations to use with students in class. 

For those of you not familiar with Flipgrid, this is a video discussion platform that allows teachers and students to engage in interactive video-based learning experiences. Flipgrid is one of the tools featured in our list of the best EdTech tools for a productive new school year.

Here is how to insert Flipgrid videos into your PowerPoint presentations:
In Flipgrid select the video you want to insert and copy its URL.
Open your PowerPoint presentation and click on Insert. If you use Mac, click on Video Online Movie, for Windows users click on Video → Online Videos, and if you use the web-based version of PowerPoint click on Online Video.

Create interactive PPT presentations using Flipgrid videos

Next paste the URL of the video and click on the Insert button. 

Voila! your Flipgrid video is now inserted into your PowerPoint slides. You can then customize its layout the way you want. You can move it around and change its size.