Two Awesome Google Docs Tools That Let You Apply Various Visual Effects to Your Text

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In today's post I am sharing with you two interesting add-ons by The Coder Cat which will enable you to apply various visual effects to your text on Google Docs. I have been tinkering with these add-ons for a while now and found them really worth the mention here. The first tool is a word art add-on that lets you add fun visual effects to words. The second tool provides beautiful visual themes to add to your text. You may want to check them out and share with us your feedback.

As its name indicates, Fun Text enables you to apply various visual effects to your Google Docs text. To start using it, simply select the text you want to apply visual effects to, click on Add-ons then  Fun Text, and choose the effect you like from the list. Effects are grouped into several categories including: text colour, highlight colour, font size, case, placement, character, and more. To undo effects added click on the undo button. Watch the video below to see Fun Text in action.

Text Themes applies fun visual themes to selected text on your Google Docs. It uses a combination of 'coloring, emoji particles, and other text attributes.' Themes provided by Text Themes are organized into four main categories: nature, food, things, ideas, and memes. Each of these categories features a wide variety of sub-themes to choose from. Watch the video below to see Text Themes in action.