Tons of Free Graphic Organizers, Posters, and Infographics to Use in Your Teaching

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In today's post I am sharing with you two interesting resources where you can access a wide variety of educational materials to use in your classroom including graphic organizers, infographics, posters, lesson plans, templates, and many more. 

Zeph Bennett has this excellent collection of visual illustrations embedded in his shared folder and are available for free. I spent some time sifting through these resources and I was surprised by the wealth of information shared there. There are graphic organizers, instructional posters, and several other visual illustrations beautifully designed and ready to incorporate in your lessons. 

2- National Geographic Education Resource Library

The Resource Library section in National Geographic features educational content designed to meet the learning needs of  diverse students. Resources are sorted by subjects (17 subjects including geography, social studies, biology, chemistry, math, physics and more), content types (e.g., activity, article, collection, infographic, lesson, map, unit, photograph, video, etc), and by grades (Pre-K to 12+). Using these research filters you will be able to easily locate educational materials to include in your teaching. Give it a try and share with us your feedback.