Three Powerful Grammar and Spelling Checkers That Work on Google Docs

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As a word processing platform, Google Docs offers a wide variety of powerful features to help you write and polish your writing. However, when it comes to detecting grammatical errors, Docs linguistic algorithm still needs much improvement. Hence the need to draw on third-party extensions to help you hone in your writing style. Below are three of my favourite spelling and grammar checkers to use with Google Docs to help improve the flow, clarity and correctness of your writings. 

Grammarly is available as a Chrome extension which you can install and use on Docs. Grammarly provides you with suggestions to enhance your writing, ones that go beyond grammar and spelling to include punctuation issues, redundancy, and many more. The premium features in Grammarly include  word choice enhancements, tone adjustments, and more.

the Language Tool function of this extension allows you to proofread your Docs documents and correct those linguistic mistakes that are not easily detected by Docs internal checker. For instance, it helps you settle the problem of 'mixing up there/their, a/an, or repeating a word'."This grammar and spelling correction works across all variations of common language; distinguishing between U.S. and British English, for instance. LanguageTool also features a personal dictionary for exceptions or words that you might commonly use but that are not found in a conventional dictionary. "

Outwrite is another great Docs extension to use to enhance your writing. Its features include a grammar and spelling checker , a plagiarism checker, a punctuation checker, a paraphrasing tool, eloquence suggestions to enhance your writing clarity, and many more. Outwrite works with various apps and across different devices and platforms.