The Canadian Geographic Made This Interactive Indigenous Peoples Atlas Free for Teachers

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Canadian Geographic offers this awesome interactive Indigenous Peoples Atlas for free. This is definitely a great addition to our back to school resources. The Atlas is designed and enhanced to be used directly with students in class. It contains four main sections: Truth and Reconciliation, First Nations, Inuit, and M├ętis.  While the contents of the Atlas is related to the Canadian context, teachers from other corners of the world will find it equally useful.

For instance, in the First Nations section students will get to learn more about what the term Indigenous  means, discover the truth about residential school system, explore the concept of forced population movements, and many more. In the Inuit section, students will learn the history of the Inuit, their family structure and culture,  their writing system, colonialism, among several other topics. The same with other sections. Students will definitely enjoy the interactive learning journey the Atlas provides.

You may want to spend some time browsing through the four sections in the Indigenous Peoples Atlas of Canada, familiarize yourself with its content and then see how you can integrate them in your classroom teaching. 

Thanks to Spirit Bear through whose tweet I discovered this educational resource.