Some of The Best Online Learning Platforms for Higher Education

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If you are looking to return to education or simply to expand your knowledge, online learning is a great way of doing just that. The last 12 months and the lockdown which many of us have lived through, has motivated a lot of people to go online and seek to boost their knowledge. This is not only a great way to spend your time at home, but it can also increase your brain power and even help you to change the course of your life. When it comes to online courses in Australia there is a huge range to choose from and these are some of the finest platforms which you can use to learn something new.

Pacific Training
Whether you are looking to gain a qualification in management, event planning, digital technologies or even hospitality, Pacific Training is a great place to go. This platform is able to offer both online training and in-class courses. Within each topic you’ll find a number of course levels which you can study, so no matter whether or not you already have experience, there will be something for you. The platform has gained a reputation for offering high quality training and very good pricing too.

From what started as an idea to have celebrities show off their skills for customers, Masterclass has grown into a fantastic way for people to learn something new. Watching the likes of Gordon Ramsay discuss cooking techniques, Natalie Portman teaches acting and Ron Finley teaching urban gardening, has inspired many to learn new skills. The platform offers a subscription package which will see you pay each month for as many classes as you can take. This is great for those who want to sample a number of new ideas.

Slowly but surely Udemy has grown to become an industry leader and the platform offers more than 100,000 courses to students. This means that no matter what you are looking to study, and no matter what level you wish to study at, you will find the perfect course for you here. The pricing for this platform is based purely on the course that you are looking to take, with each offering a different price. Course prices can range from $11 up to $200, depending on the length and the range of resources which are required.

Those looking to get back into more formal education will find Coursera to be one of the best options. This platform is specifically focused on delivering high quality, college-level courses to those who wish to learn online. The courses have been constructed by a range of professors in order to deliver a high quality and educational syllabus for students. This particular platform offers a great deal with its annual pass, which will give you access to over 3,000 courses for a single price. Spending just $540 AUD per year will give you the full access to all of these courses, so that you can switch and change if you feel that you want to try something different. The courses found here utilize a wide range of text-based resources as well as a wide range of multimedia.

There is a huge array of online options when it comes to platforms that offer educational courses. If you are going to go down the academic route then always ensure that the online platform is accredited, ensuring that you get the very best education. If you plan to simply learn a new skill or area of training, check reviews to ensure that you find a high-quality educating platform.

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